Custom Made Cabinet Doors

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Cabinet doors prices are calculated by multiplying the square inches per door by the price factor then adding the design fee per door.

A variance of +/- 1/16" is acceptable within the industry.

The minimum size for pricing purposes is 288 square inches.
Price factors
$0.11 per square inch: Walnut and Mahogany
$0.10 per square inch: Hard Maple, Cherry and Hickory
$0.09 per square inch: Stain Grade Clear Soft Maple
$0.08 per square inch: Red & White Oak, Ash, Birch, and Natural Soft Maple.
$0.07 per square inch: Paint Grade Soft Maple, Poplar, and Knotty Pine.
$0.06 per square inch: Paint Grade (Wood frame with a MDF panel)

Labor Fees
$28.00 for Square Top doors.
$31.00 for Cathedral, Arch, or French.
$16.00 Shaker Style

Doors over 44" tall will be made with two panels and have two design fees.


Flat Panel Doors (Wood frame with a ¼’ plywood panel)
Price = (Square inches x Price Factor) + 1/2 of the design fee.
Glass Doors
Same as Flat Panel
For mullions add $8.00 per light.

Drawer Fronts
Price factor x square inches + $7.00 (slab style)
Price factor x square inches + $10.00 (panel cut)


Hinges and Bores
Concealed hinges (price includes bores) - $7.00 each
Bores, no hinge (cup only) - $3.00 each

A red oak door 14" by 24" with an arch top, ogee edge, and polish sanded
  14" x 24" = 336  336 x $0.08 per = $26.88
   $26.88     +    $31      = $57.88
(price factor + labor fee = total price)

** We do not recommend a door over 23" wide. We will make these doors but we cannot guarantee them.
MDF Cabinet Doors (Medium Density Fiberboard)
View Door Styles and Edge Details for MDF Doors

Medium density fiberboard doors are the preferred door for painting. These doors look like five piece raised panel doors but are actually made from one solid piece of MDF. They are very economical. 

MDF Doors up to 16 x 32 are only $32.00 each.
(Over 16 x 32 add 75¢ per inch)

They are available in three styles: Square, Crown and Oval.

MDF Drawer Fronts are only $7.00 each.

Hinged with European Style Hinges add $7.00 per hinge.